Constantine: City Of Demons [Movie]

Well, I didn’t see this coming so soon but I guess it’s here. By “it” I mean the psych barrier or veil so to speak. The adult rated animation entertainment industry is experiencing massive growth and success. Just look at some of your favorite animated comedies that exist on platforms like Cartoon Network…

Face it, you still like cartoons. The good thing is, millions of us do as well! It’s great to see the animated space take on so many genres from comedy to action/adventure and now the metaphysical realm as well. The Dr. Strange animated movie was alright, written for a non-adult audience I’d say but still intriguing. Recently I watched DC’s counter to Marvels Dr. Strange, John Constantine…not knowing what to expect I pressed play and got busy.

For starters, OD. If you’re into hidden symbology, energy manipulation, and spirit channeling, you’ll probably enjoy this. I was amazed at some of the visuals they showed, and thus the R rating I’m sure. The subject matter here was diverse as it represented a mix of ancient indigenous spiritual culture fused with modern day European Hollywood culture. There was even a scene in this film that involved Haitian spiritual chanting?

It’s interesting to consider what these visuals communicate and to which audience. If visuals are generally intended to send a message, what is the basis of this overall story? Find out next time, in the twilight zone! *Worth the watch.