Only you can change the narrative and show the world what community power looks like. If you support equal opportunity in sustainable industries, please consider donating to help us achieve our mission.

DFFRNTWRLD® has been working with over 30 black and brown businesses in the DC and LA areas for the past 10 years. Our mission has always been to help plant-based black and brown businesses that want to scale their growth but are challenged by limited capital. We do that by providing a combination of “creative consulting” and “design” solutions for these small businesses, helping them promote their brand and increase global impact. 

Due to global protests and perpetual social injustice, we have created the Climate Change Investment Fund. Each dollar invested in this fund will be used to help our clients recover from COVID-19, enhance creative capacity, raise brand awareness, and streamline operations efficiency. 

You can review some of the black and brown-owned businesses you’ll be supporting through this fund in our “client portfolio“. Your donation will create a pool of resources each business can pull from whenever they need the creative solutions we provide. Each of our client’s business uniquely contributes to restoring our planet with their diverse product/service offerings.

Our goal is to raise $3,000,000 in 2023!

Seed Sower: provides businesses with 20 hours of creative consultation each month

Cultivator: provides 20 hours of creative consultation and access to design services each month

Harvester: provides 100 hours of creative consultation, access to design services, and access to project execution services

Your support of the DFFRNTWRLD® Climate Change Investment Fund is part of a global movement for an equality-driven, eco-friendly, and sustainable planet. We appreciate your contribution and kindly ask that you share this opportunity to help black and brown business among your social and professional networks.

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