Customers wishing to use the DFFRNTWRLD® ONLINE Members’ Service must accept these Membership Conditions.


A “Member” is defined as an individual who has accepted the conditions of this agreement and registered with the DFFRNTWRLD® ONLINE membership in accordance with the procedure set out by the Company. “Member Information” is defined as information on Member attributes that Members have provided to the Company and information such as the individual Members’ transaction histories.


These Conditions apply to all Members and must be observed both at the time of registration and after registration.

Modification of Conditions

Members agree that DFFRNTWRLD® has the right to modify these Conditions as and when it sees fit. All modifications become effective as of the moment they are posted on the website specified by the Company.

Registration procedure

Individuals who have accepted these Conditions, submitted the prescribed application and completed the prescribed registration procedure acquire the status of Member. The membership registration procedure must be completed by the person who is to become a Member and no registration by proxy is permitted. In some cases, membership applications submitted by persons whose membership has been revoked in the past or other persons whom the Company deems unsuitable may be refused.

When completing the membership registration procedure, applicants should carefully read the notes on completing the application form and ensure that all the required information entered on the prescribed application form is accurate.

Member ID and password management

  • Members bear full responsibility for the management and use of their member ID and password.
  • Members should manage their password responsibly, taking precautions to ensure that it does not become known to other persons, such as changing it on a regular basis.
  • Members must not lend, transfer, sell or disclose their ID or password to a third party, nor share them with a third party.
  • The Company uses the Member ID and password entered to identify the Member using the prescribed method, and all declarations of intent made by a Member identified in this way are considered to be declarations of intent made the Member himself or herself. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting from errors in the use, theft by a third party or unauthorized use of a Member ID or password.

Amending Member information

Members must follow the prescribed procedure to notify the Company without delay of any change to the Member information they have registered. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting from failure to amend registered information.

Resignation from membership

  • If a Member wishes to resign from the membership scheme, the Member himself or herself must complete the resignation procedure. The Member is considered as having resigned from membership once the prescribed resignation procedure has been completed.
  • Upon resignation, a Member forfeits all the rights and privileges of membership.

Suspension or revocation of membership and liability for damage

In any of the circumstances described below, the Company has the right to suspend the Member’s right to use the Company’s services or revoke his or her membership without prior notice. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage that may be incurred by the Member in consequence of these measures. The Member is liable for compensation in respect of any damage that may be incurred by the Company or by a third party in any of the circumstances described below.

  • If the Member has submitted a false declaration when registering as a Member
  • If the Member’s conduct has violated laws, regulations, these Membership Conditions, etc.
  • If the Member has engaged in any inappropriate actions when using the Company’s services
  • If the Member has hindered the operation of the Company’s business
  • If the Company deems that the Member is unsuitable for membership for any other reason

Handling of Member information

  • The Company handles personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
  • The Company has the right to use Member information for the purposes of providing services to its Members, improving the content of its services, promoting the use of its services, and ensuring the sound and smooth operation of its services.
  • The Company may provide information to Members via an e-mail magazine or by other methods (including advertisements). Any Member who does not wish to receive information informs should inform the Company by the method prescribed by the Company. The Company will then cease providing information to the Member.

Prohibited conduct

Members must not engage in any of the conduct described below when using the Company’s services.

  • Conduct violating laws and regulations, these Membership Conditions, the Conditions of Use, or any other conditions set out by the Company
  • Conduct harmful to the rights, interests, good name, etc. of the Company, other Members or third parties
  • Conduct detrimental to public order or morals
  • Conduct disturbing or annoying to other users or third parties
  • Conduct hindering the operation of the Company’s business or harmful to the Company’s reputation
  • Submitting false information
  • Sending or posting harmful computer programs, e-mail messages, etc.
  • Accessing the Company’s server or other computers without authorization
  • Lending, transferring, selling or disclosing their Member ID or password to a third party, or sharing them with a third party

Interruption, suspension, etc. of services

The Company may interrupt or suspend the provision of some or all of its services, without prior notice, when the Company needs to undertake regular or emergency maintenance work, when the system is under a heavy load, when the Company deems that the operation of its services may be detrimentally affected, when the Company needs to take action to ensure the security of Members, or in any other situation where the Company judges necessary, in order to ensure that the services it provides remain in good order. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred by Members in consequence of these measures.


  • The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage, losses, disadvantages, etc., that Members may incur, whether directly or indirectly, while using its services, resulting from system interruptions, delays or stoppages or loss of data, due to natural disasters, power outages, telecommunications or computer faults, unauthorized accessing of data, or any other force majeure. If a Member causes any damage, etc. to a third party through the use of these services, the Member must resolve the matter on his or her own responsibility and at his or her own expense, and must not cause any damage, losses, etc. to the Company.
  • The Company makes no warranty of any kind that the content of information it provides via websites, e-mail, etc. is accurate, current, useful or reliable.
  • The Company may modify or suspend the structure of its website, Conditions of Use, URL, content, etc. without prior notice. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting from a Member’s contravention of these Membership Conditions, etc.

Modification or discontinuation of services

The Company may, as appropriate, modify or discontinue some or all of its services, at its own discretion, without prior notice.

Competent court

The Tribal Justice Court has exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over any disputes relating to this Contract.