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Are you looking to increase awareness, efficiency, or revenue for your brand? If you are serious about growing your business and want to get started now, book your time below so you may benefit from brainstorming together for your next project.

We have a strategic way of diagnosing your challenges and discovering unrealized leverage, un-mined profit and overlooked opportunity. Speak with our consultant today and reach your brand’s goals in less time with fewer required resources and energy.

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BSB is the premier creative consulting service DFFRNTWRLD® provides to brands looking to increase awareness, efficiency, and revenue. We make it easy for you by meeting you anywhere in the world, virtually. When you book an idea session with us, schedule your time and date and confirm your appointment. Once you do we’ll send a confirmation email that includes the link to the virtual portal where we’ll meet.

You’ll need either a mobile phone or a computer connected to the internet for a virtual portal connection. You may note your preference for phone/video call in the confirmation email. All investments are final but time slot reservations may be rescheduled pending review.


We acknowledge and reward our clients for both his/her time and faith expended in favoring DFFRNTWRLD® with his/her purchasing decision. If you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever. We will not only give you the full and immediate return of your purchase price, but we promise you an additional reward on top – a compensation incentive for having taken the time, effort, and faith to purchase with us in the first place.