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5 Interesting Animal Welfare Questions to Consider

I just received an interesting request from a new LinkedIn connection, Rowdy Keelor, Senior Manager of Educational Outreach at New Roots Institute. Given my background in vegan, plant-based, eco-friendly creative consulting and design, Rowdy wanted to know my take on a couple questions he had. Please see my responses linked below, I hope they provide you some value.

Question #1:
“I am vegetarian and have been trying to make my diet a bit more vegan. Anyway, my question is about Vital Farms. My family purchases their eggs from them, and they say they have ‘pasture-raised eggs.’ I haven’t been able to find too much information about them besides their website. So, I was wondering what you think of them and what information you have about them.”

Question #2:
Including exemption from liability and regulation, loans, subsidies, Department of Ag, and school lunch programs, what is the taxpayer burden allocated to factory farm owners?

Question #3: How many steaks does the average American eat per week?

Question #4: What is the traditional way to catch shrimp that is self-sustainable?

Question #5:
“Hi, I’ve been eating plant-based for one week, and it’s been a little rough. My kids are refusing to eat the food I’ve been preparing, I’ve been scrambling to figure out what I can make for lunch and dinner, and products like Beyond Burgers are really making my grocery bill high. Please help!”

Thank you, Rowdy, for the excellent questions. I trust I was able to provide some value.