DFFRNTWRLD LLC (“DFFRNTWRLD®”) recognizes the importance of protecting each customer’s personal information and has established, and made all of its employees aware of, policy set out below:

1. Compliance with Law and Guidelines

DFFRNTWRLD® will comply with all relevant laws and guidelines (including this privacy policy) relating to the protection of personal information.

2. Permitted Use of Personal Information

  • • Fulfillment of online orders
  • • Billing
  • • Confirmation of details for customer support and response
  • • Campaigns, product offers and service offers
  • • For use as necessary with respect to the operation of the website

3. Prevention of and remedial action in case of loss, damage, leakage and unauthorized access

DFFRNTWRLD® will manage personal information with care and will take measures to prevent loss, damage, leakage and unauthorized access.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

DFFRNTWRLD® will not share personal information to third parties other than in the following circumstances:

  • • consent of the customers is obtained
  • • the personal information must be shared to a sub-contractor’s to deliver the services
  • • the sharing of such personal information is required by law

5. Response to requests for disclosure, amendment or suspension of use

DFFRNTWRLD® will respond without delay, within reason, to requests for the disclosure, amendment or suspension of use of personal information held by it.

6. Continual improvement of privacy policy and internal regulations

DFFRNTWRLD® will continually improve its privacy policy and internal regulations to ensure effective protection of personal information as required by society.

Date established: May 3, 2008
Last updated : January 8, 2023
The above policy is subject to revision. All changes will be posted on this Web page.