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The Division System & Original Knowledge

How much command of your character do you have? It is your choice regarding what your future will look like. Discover your uniqueness, take that uniqueness and channel it into power for your self. It is time to turn on your spiritual powers and pierce through the veil. Give thanks to the brothers for sharing […]

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Lifestyle, Media

Do You Have What It Takes – Shaolin Master

I’ve always wondered what life would have been like had I migrated to China to live my life as a Shaolin monk. One thing is for sure, ten years of training is a minimum requirement before senior monks consider your rank evaluation. This new show gives you some Hollywood infused insight into this lifestyle. Put […]

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Design, Fashion, Footwear

The Creative Process of Kanye West

Ye is dropping gems in a subtle, understated way. He’s rooting his design process in ancient indigenous methodology. Take a look at this magnificent display of product he designed through Yeezy brand. Enjoy this clip, own all your designs, and get inspired!

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Tips To Overcome Troublesome Clients

As entrepreneurs, we all come across a client or two that may present obstacles to clear the deal or move progress forward. These types of scenarios can hold up your money, cause stress, and possibly extend the amount of time/resources you have to invest in the deal. I would suggest avoiding all of the above […]

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