The Rock vs Star Trek

It’s no secret, we’ve been massive supporters of The Rock since his debut into the WWF and even more so present day. But even I was surprised that this massive gem went undiscovered until now. Did you know The Rock made a guest cameo on Star Trek Voyager? Now, this probably skipped our radar because Voyager was never our series of choice, we are mostly TNG Trekkies, but this is still a nostalgic clip nonetheless.

The Rock may be one of the most versatile influencers out right now, I mean just think about how many brand touchpoints he’s developed recently: acting, apparel, spirits, water, content, cookies, and the list continues to grow. I admire The Rock for his vision, and most importantly his work ethic. Any time I feel like slowing down, I think of what he’d say to me in the iron paradise…WHO WANTS IT MORE, YOU OR THEM! Instantly I snap back to reality with a reignited passion to make it happen! Enjoy.