Client News: Karibu Garden, Barbados

In international business news, I just returned from an eight-day strategic offsite in Barbados. I had a great time working with our long time client of 10 years, Karibu Garden.

Karibu is an eco-luxury bed and breakfast sitting on a 2-acre beachfront property with a lush garden environment. This space is approaching it’s 20th anniversary on the island and wants to offer an even more memorable, robust, and expansive experience to its international guest for years to come. So how do we do this? How to we make sure Karibu is a lasting, fond, and eternal moment in the minds of each guest? It all begins with brand strategy and user-centric design.

Karibu’s initial need is to have a refreshed brand strategy that takes into account some of the new development on the island. To do so, we’re planning to begin with the Level 1 Brand Diagnostic as a foundational anchor. From this process, we’ll quickly learn what Karibu’s brand attributes are, who their users are, and what their prioritized business goals are regarding awareness, efficiency, revenue. With this information, we can develop their mission statement, design aesthetics, and produce a user-centric roadmap to make all forthcoming decisions.

We’re totally stoked to collaboratively embark on this process with Karibu’s owners Jennifer and Carl. Stay tuned!