You Are Your Future Self

The thoughts that we hold in our mind, are things, and they exist in reality. Things represent thoughts. All that you know that exist in your awareness, is the net result of your thinking. You may have acquired this thinking from the external world, or you have acquired this thinking from your creative imagination. The bottom line is this, the things in your reality are the thoughts that you have, and the thoughts that you have create people, environments, circumstances, and information in your reality.

No matter what you think, it will be reflected in reality. When you change your thoughts, you change your identity, you change the way you believe reality to work, you’ll start to notice that people, environment, circumstance, and information will change. You’ll find yourself gravitating towards certain kinds of information, people, environment, and circumstance that is different from the identification of certain thoughts that you had before. Therefore, to change your reality or bring forth what you desire, you have to change the way you believe reality works and you have to change your thoughts.

Meditate upon this during the new year as you develop your best self!