Titans – It’s Worth The Watch

Despite our past reservations for entertaining network based comic book programming(The Flash, Smallville etc), Netflix has a hit on their hands with Titans. I just binged season 1-5 and wow, was I impressed! Going into the first episode I literally had no idea what to expect, I had never even seen the trailer prior to watching. I’m familiar with the Teen Titans cartoon series and storyline, even one of the animated movies I believe? Either way, what I thought would be some soft kiddy live action show was actually the exact opposite. Episodes 1-5 are deeply mysterious, intriguing, and wildly entertaining given such spot-on social relevance. The directors did an excellent job laying out how the story would build and how each character develops over time.

Live action versions of comics or cartoons always bring another level of experience to the audience. From actor selection to costume and set design, making the fictional seem real is an art few directors have mastered. Thus far, I’d say this series does exactly that, it makes you believe these characters exist somewhere in the world and maybe inside yourself as well.

It’s worth the watch.