Sincere Meal Ideas: Ital Stew


This is the first post in what I expect to be a long series. Recently I realized “vegan” is just not enough to activate god code DNA, it’s time to advance from plantbased and go to godbased mineral intake. This means I’m cutting out any form of added sugar or salt. This is challenging, however, the benefits of eliminating processed sugar and salt from your diet will be tremendous. For this first ital meal salt and sugar free, I made a simple ital stew. This is one of the easiest recipes as you literally just chop up everything you have, and boil it. I used ORGANIC: white onion, green onion, celery, Japanese white yam, collard. Season this to your personal flavor preference, a great soup on any day and totally ital. Drink the broth once you devour the veggies, it still maintain some nutrients from the boil.