Research & Development Is Key

With the barrier to entry on the streetwear market becoming smaller and smaller each day, we’ve seen a growth in cheap, low quality, budget products. For you non-business folk, this means it’s easier to make your own gear or start a clothing brand these days.

DFFRNTWRLD® has been making private label gear since 2008, so we have 9 years of experience crafting quality goods by hand. Don’t be fooled by these nonsense streetwear brands selling you $40 shirts that are printed on Gilden tees! It’s levels to this quality game and it all starts with research and development.

When we first started out, screen printing tees in an old DC warehouse…we didn’t know the first thing about quality until we began to research. We found there are hundreds of different blank shirt brands, each with their own unique appeal or special feature. Some shirts were dirt cheap, some 100% cotton and quite soft, some that shrank or felt cheap to the touch. With all these options, sorting through each and every viable option for our own brand took hard work, dedication and patience.

We’ve probably tested out 50% of the blank tshirt brands that are on the market today. Gilden sucks, if anyone sells you a Gilden t-shirt, they’d also sell you piss and say it’s lemonade. These type of people also have no integrity. To test all the blanks shirts, we put them through rigorous lifestyle tests: hiking, surfing, cycling, skateboarding, business finessing etc.

All of the cheap $2-$5 blank tshirt companies failed us. American Apparel was ok, but quite pricey, and a little too hipster for us. We needed a blank tee with that classic 90’s fit we all grew up on. The fabric had to be able to last in at least 100 washes, not shrink after washing, and retain elasticity well. We found nothing on the mainstream market, outside of brands from Japan, that met our standards so we decided to start from scratch!

We found a small factory in America that provides cut and sew services on demand. Once we ordered their shirts, we were sold! The quality was spot on, as we tested these new blanks for 2 years straight. Putting the shirts through the harshest conditions insures us that when our customers purchase them, they have a minimum 10 year guarantee on quality.