She’s Given You A Gift! A Book Recommendation by Lauren London

Emotions are still running high with our brother’s memory still in mind. It’s been a week now and yet we still fight off lower chakra emotions of anger/loss/revenge…healing is a proactive process. When our enemies use spiritual warfare as their tactic, it requires we have spiritual energy forces to combat such evil. Mastering your innerG is the only way. Our brother would want us to keep going, keep improving…keep advancing the indigenous culture. Rest In Peace OG Nipsey Hussle!

Last year during an interview on The Breakfast Club, our OG shared a gem with us by recommending The Way of The Superior Man. This is a book Nipsey’s Queen, Lauren London recommended HE read in order to strengthen their relationship. I’ve provided the ebook study notes above and the full lesson version below. You can listen to both at 2x speed, but also suggest you invest in the hard copy. Listen to this several times to overstand.

In general, you should strive to better yourself in each area you perform…This perspective will help you strengthen your self, and in turn, strengthen the relationship you have with women. Thank you Lauren for your vision, and ankhestor OG Nipsey for your willingness to share this perspective.

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