Monk Damo(Tamo) The Zen Master

AMITABHA (Buddha bless you)

Who am I before I was born? Who am I after I was born? Ask yourself these questions as you watch one of the greatest stories of our time unfold. Monk Tamo traveled around the world preaching Zen Buddhism and learning through observation. He also taught the Shaolin Monks Kung-fu, the way of Zen Buddhism, and mystic arts achieved through extreme meditation. One of the fascinating themes present in this film was to let fate take it’s own course. Please enjoy below.

Bodhidharma(Monk Tamo), the Tamil prince of the Pallava king Simhavarman II. Born in 5th Century and Went to China in 6th Century as a old Buddhist monk. He was the last master of Zen Buddhism. The legend who introduced Martial arts to Shaolin. The modern Buddhism(Zen) and Kung-Fu as we know took their roots from master Bodhidaharma(Monk Tamo).