OG Talisman Adhesives Are In!

I know I’m not the only one who watched the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon show coming up. If you did, like me, you’re hip to the power of sacred talismans. Talisman crafting comes from our ancient indigenous ankestral traditions for packaging energy and utilizing it on a mobile frequency. If you’re not hip to talisman life, here is a short course primer in the ancient science below.

It’s a known fact within the DFFRNTWRLD® tribe that our sacred symbol has been metaphysically blessed up by:

    • The Eight Immortals
    • The Three Stars (Gods of Happiness)
    • Maat
    • Kuan Yin
    • Hanuman
    • Ganesha
    • Lakshmi among others!

These energy entities supercharge the DFFRNTWRLD® talisman to have a marvelous energy all on it’s own. Go anywhere and people will recognize the symbol despite seeing it for the first time ever. You will be shown honor and respect when wearing this symbol. Now you can apply this talisman to items you need to bless up, energy you need to clear, and even amplify!

Grab your OG talisman pack now, we’re only printing 100 worldwide this 2018 season. Bless up!