Boosting Your Happiness Through Entrepreneurship Is Easier Than You Think – Start With This

Today marks the new year for all sincerely blessed Capricorns born on the 8th! Yes, it’s a time to rejoice and sing praises to the creator for her many blessings in life. Great time to also assess your personal well-being and overall self-awareness.

Seldom in life have I ever stopped to think in the moment if I’m 100% happy. But as an entrepreneur of almost a decade I have to let you know that was a mistake. In the midst of all the grind and finesse, I realized I was telling myself I didn’t deserve happiness until I landed this million dollar client, or that I couldn’t be happy until I’d reached $33 million in sales and so on and so on. At the rate I was belittling myself I’d never be happy!

This was a limited thought program I unknowingly instilled within my psyche thinking it was a way to inspire discipline in my work ethic. For the past 10 years, I’ve felt there was no need to celebrate, no need to be congratulated, no need to feel happy because I had not hit my 10x goals yet. This thought paradigm resulted in catastrophic fallout in the result of stress. We face enough stress in life, let alone in business…make it easier on yourself and avoid my mistakes. You can have your cake and eat it too if you learn how to bake!

Once I taught myself how to conceptualize, design, develop, and bring products to market I realized happiness is part of that full process. I find value, and joy in each step of the product development phase. It’s fun for me, and when products sell the financial outcome, is rewarding as well. In a few quick google searches and youtube binges, you can figure out how to free up your time and invite in more happiness through entrepreneurship.

And remember, it’s ok to be happy and celebrate along the way. In fact, it may make your entrepreneurial journey all the more enjoyable. Life is too short to deprive yourself of anything. Success will come in time. You have to realize that life is fragile and highly transitory. Enjoy it fully while you are able and young enough to appreciate it. You are too young not to enjoy celebrating life in general!

The truth is, we all deserve happiness! These 10 steps below are keys here in figuring out how to weave in what makes you happy into your day to day lifestyle.

  1. Deprogram your mind
  2. Let it settle in.
  3. Reprogram your mind.
  4. Let it settle in.
  5. Write down three things you LOVE to do, and 2 ways to monetize each.
  6. Let these thoughts settle in.
  7. Set short and long term opportunity goals.
  8. Take action with new programming.
  9. Observe and record metrics of success.
  10. Scale/Duplicate

Imagine more time to do with as you please. Does that sound like something you’d like to work towards? Traveling when you feel like it, working when it’s convenient, living life on your own terms, would that make you happy?

If so, then entrepreneurship could be a bridge to this happiness you seek. Take a shot at implementing these 10 steps this month and track any changes. Leave a comment and let us know if this helped you in any way. If you have questions, I’m happy to answer them, just reach out via our contact page.