Tips To Overcome Troublesome Clients

As entrepreneurs, we all come across a client or two that may present obstacles to clear the deal or move progress forward. These types of scenarios can hold up your money, cause stress, and possibly extend the amount of time/resources you have to invest in the deal. I would suggest avoiding all of the above if you can.

Before going into a deal, make sure you overstand the user profiles of the stakeholders who control and make decisions on finances, ie how you get paid! This is a key protocol.

  • Always be engaged in something definite, through some well-organized plan that is definite.
  • Be able to make quick decisions, know exactly what you want and be determined to go after it.
  • Be ready to stand frontline whether playing a game or fighting a war.
  • If you don’t have the answer, say so frankly.
  • Never blame others for your mistakes, no matter if they deserve the blame
  • Be an inspiration to all who come in contact with your mind.
  • Have a mind of your own and use it for all purposes!

Remember to be authentic and maintain integrity at all times.