Happy New Year! Here’s what’s new:

Congratulations, you made it! This past year was truly one for the books. Think about everything we observed and experienced. Briefly reflect on the moments spanning from the plandemic quarantine economy to mylar scammers and powerful astrological conjunctions. We’ve seen it all this year, or have we?


No matter how you cut the deck, we all deserve a pat on the back for keeping it together this year. Memorialize your triumphant victory over the powers that be with our latest “I Survived The Plandemic” tee or crewneck.

Our shop is excited to get some new wellness products on our shelf this year! Ever since we started carrying Amitabha Gardens brand, our clients have enjoyed beneficial experiences from these products. It’s our complete honor to carry Amitabha Gardens brand goods.

Our shop will stock the following Amitabha Gardens products beginning January 11th 2021

  • Forbidden Fruit – organic industrial hemp
  • Amrita – tantric energy tonic
  • Lungevity – lung health wellness

Social Media Alert

The Facebook monopoly is becoming increasingly invasive. Are you hip to their new terms of service? After brushing up on the terms of service, we’ve decided to focus on aligning out content with our own servers so that we retain ownership of everything we post.

  • We will no longer be posting to IG for the next six months
  • Twitter will remain active, pending review
  • We are working on a “Secure Channel” concept that will allow our users to share content and message each other without the worry of big brother in your grill

Hiking Club & More!

2020 forced many of us to get creative with our free time by merging it with socially distancing guidelines. Obviously, this took us to spaces we already occupy like the outdoors. We made some new friends along the way while exploring new trails and even discovering some new pockets in DC worth exploring.

Top of this year we’re starting three clubs and welcome you to join!

  • Hiking Club
  • Garden Club
  • Space Pack Club

Please stay posted to this feed for updates on club events!