Business Boost Podcast: A Consultation For The Apothekary Herbal Teas

It’s our prime directive to work with vegan/plant-based brands that leave a positive energy footprint on the planet. We were thrilled to find out that a Los Angeles based organic/wildcrafted herbal tea brand had heard of us and wanted to connect to talk about their business.

Aku, the owner of The Apothekary brand and wellness expert extraordinaire, stopped by the office for an Idea Sesh and here’s how it all went down! Check out this exclusive sneak peek into how a creative consulting session with me might flow. We discussed a lot of topics, and hopefully contributed a lot of value. Consider taking notes, some of our discussion may apply to you and could be helpful for your brand.

Please share this *new podcast with your network and other vegan/plantbased, eco-friendly brands!