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This experience is similar to a skilled Doctor running a checkup on a patient before making a diagnosis. It is the first step we take with any brand that’s looking to increase awareness, efficiency, and revenue. Our process allows us to collaboratively build a strategy for growth by identifying your brand attributes, user definitions and prioritized business goals.

*Please watch the video presentation below for more information.

The diagnostic process only takes about 3-4 hours. You may book your appointment with us here: BOOK L1BD NOW. *All bookings must be scheduled 72 hours prior to official date.


We acknowledge and reward our clients for both his/her time and faith expended in favoring DFFRNTWRLD® with his/her purchasing decision. If you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever. We will not only give you the full and immediate return of your purchase price, but we promise you an additional reward on top – a compensation incentive for having taken the time, effort, and faith to purchase with us in the first place.