Talkspace 2016: The Impact of Social Media on Our Mental Health

Does social media have a negative net impact on our mental health? It’s too soon now to make any conclusions. But we can at least get the conversation started.


Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Get Followers

Just a little bit more sagacious advice from #GaryVee. This time the topic is how to get more followers on social media.


Contagion, Affirmation and Lies: The Psychology of Social Media

Social media has been fully absorbed into human nature. It has changed how we communicate and do business. But how often do we take a break from it to analyze it’s more latent residual effects?


Build Organic Word of Mouth by Working with Celebrities and Influencers

Word of mouth is the fuel that your businesses growth machine runs on. But over the years, especially lately, it’s evolved.


How to Make $100K On Instagram

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Making $100K on Instagram sounds good right? But what does it really take? Josh Forti and Josue Pena of Digitalceos have a few ideas on how you can best use this powerful platform.


Tyler Culbertson: Social Media Guru

Tyler Culbertson is the social media director for the guru himself, Tony Robbins. Which I think leaves him more than qualified to answer viewer questions and drop a few gems regarding social media marketing on a global scale.



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London Real has been a prime source for interesting interviews. Brian, the host is excellent at building rapport with his guest so the interview always ends up refreshing. This is a selection from one of his programs and provides a current take on the social media landscape.


Gary Vaynerchuk Conversation at LinkedIn

Are you optimizing your Linkedin Profile? Gary V. has a few tips to maximize your ROI…and yes he also talks about Snapchat.


Communicate in the Year You Live: Gary Vaynerchuk Vistage Keynote 2015

Gary V. once again comes through with a highly informational video. Taken from a recent Keynote speech, the main premise is that an overwhelming majority of people are communicating not with the tools of 2016 but with outdated methods of yesteryear.


The Only Good Reason to Join Snapchat: “For that 9 Seconds, You Have to Pay Attention”

Released in 2011, my first introduction to Snapchat came early in 2012. As a senior in college, I was in the pocket of the Snapchat market segmentation. But it confused me. What was the point of using it when the picture or video disappears?

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