Authenticity @ Scale for Millennials

Millennials have already disrupted advertising. The platforms have changed and as a result, the messages have too. However, one essential trait that millennials require for messaging to truly resonate is authenticity.


The Age Of Goodvertising

The average consumer profile has changed drastically since the madmen era of advertising. The old tactics simply aren’t working anymore and have yielded to a more humanistic approach. Thomas Kolster calls it goodvertising and in this lecture, he breaks down some harsh truths that all advertisers need to hear.


UNHCR: #TeamRefugees

This 2016 Olympic season means one thing to most, supporting your countrymen and women as they compete for greatness. But what about those athletes who don’t have a country to call home?


IKEA: Let’s relax

IKEA has always been enigmatic to me. They don’t have too many ad campaigns and maintain a low profile, but they still dominate the market segment. This is the Ad of the week for two reasons.


Scott Galloway: Death of the Industrial Advertising Complex

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Is advertising dead? Dead may be an overstatement, I would suggest evolving. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, one thing is clear, the advertising game is changing. Luckily, Scott Galloway, a clinical professor of marketing at NYU has a few predictions that should help you to get a better understanding of the current


WaterisLife Hacks Venmo

Gotta give it to the guys behind this campaign for WaterisLife because this was absolutely genius. To leverage the popularity of the app in an innovative way, they took a budget of 10$ and “hacked” Venmo in a way never seen before. The ad was heavily targeted towards Millenials with the ultimate goal of getting them


Ad of the Week: UNISA Define Tomorrow

Strong visuals require few words. They elegantly communicate the intended message leaving little room for miscommunication. The message here is clear.  The narrative speaks to all the people that are doing what they have to today, so that they can define their own tomorrow. Crafted by BBDO, this is my favorite ad of the week.


A Conversation About Advertising, With David Ogilvy

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Because in Advertising, this is the man you listen to…


PETA: Behind The Leather

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PETA has come a long ways from throwing red paint at fur-clad celebs. In their latest ad, we are presented with an abrasive and disrupting motif, that behind the leather is cruelty.


Tru Hotels by Hilton, Millennial as F*ck?

Our time has finally come! Millennials across the nation are acquiring buying power and businesses are starting to realize and make adjustments. But with all market changes, there are upsides and downsides.

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