Ad Of The Week: New Zealand All Blacks #TackleTheRisk

The New Zealand All Blacks are one of the most dominating teams in rugby. But in this ad, they use they’re speed and ferocity to save lives instead of just delivering bone crushing blows.


Ad of the Week: Airbnb – We Accept

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Airbnb has gotten some heat in the past for discrimination against some of its users. But it’s the third-party property owners that are guilty here. Which left Airbnb in a difficult situation.


Ad Of the Week: Living Off Brands

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One of my favorite things to do is supporting our clients by frequenting their shops or using their services. I try to do this as much as possible but I have clearly been outdone by Lee Kimball and Roundhouse Agency.


RushCard: Change Perspective

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A double entendre paired with carefully crafted prose allows this ad to strong-arm its way to the front stage. The foil characters created by this one singular character speaks volumes to the US tension between police and citizens. Simply put, It speaks to you.


UNHCR: #TeamRefugees

This 2016 Olympic season means one thing to most, supporting your countrymen and women as they compete for greatness. But what about those athletes who don’t have a country to call home?


IKEA: Let’s relax

IKEA has always been enigmatic to me. They don’t have too many ad campaigns and maintain a low profile, but they still dominate the market segment. This is the Ad of the week for two reasons.


Bicky Burger: The Bicky Beef Miracle = 💩?

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Sometimes ad’s don’t quite work out as planned. It’s not that the fundamental idea is flawed. It’s more so that the intended message is adulterated, diluted beyond comprehension.


WaterisLife Hacks Venmo

Gotta give it to the guys behind this campaign for WaterisLife because this was absolutely genius. To leverage the popularity of the app in an innovative way, they took a budget of 10$ and “hacked” Venmo in a way never seen before. The ad was heavily targeted towards Millenials with the ultimate goal of getting them


Ad of the Week: UNISA Define Tomorrow

Strong visuals require few words. They elegantly communicate the intended message leaving little room for miscommunication. The message here is clear.  The narrative speaks to all the people that are doing what they have to today, so that they can define their own tomorrow. Crafted by BBDO, this is my favorite ad of the week.

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