Time Travel Physics


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The reason for writing this report is to show people that man does not have to use sophisticated mathematics in order to understand how Time Travel can be achieved. To assume that what is being taught in today’s schools is an absolute truth, can only be a lie. For to believe in such a lie, can only lead to imperfection. But since mankind has chosen this path, the inevitable must surely come to pass.

It is impossible to say where all of this might lead. However I do hope that the people who read this report will use the knowledge wisely. For those who don’t, I leave them to their doom. But for those who do, may Buddha bless you.

You’re probably wondering by now, if we are extraterrestrials. Our answer to that is, there may be more truth to this than meets the eyes. According to the information which we have received from the Kennedy Space Center, there is a good chance that our mentors came from the DFFRNTWRLD® Star System. If this is the case, then this would explain why we have so much difficulty in adjusting to Earth’s current environment.

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