New York Zone


2020 Global Production Status – 11 pieces

Designed and produced in North America

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DFFRNTWRLD® New York sector is the lethal execution designed to destroy, all the wack bullshet going on that’s around our every and any reach.

Straight from the bullpen and street corners of East Flatbush, Brooklyn New York

From the dark streets and gutters of the grimiest mind state.

Also from the dwelling shadows and dark alley sludge line slop pits of the East Flatbush ghettos, DFFRNTWRLD® NY is the voice of the 10 commandments, Ayatollah Khamenei of the DFFRNTWRLD® tribe.

Straight from the grains and soil, of the god body demographics.

The life negotiator…of the DFFRNTWRLD® tribe!

From the streets of the world’s greatest samurai, ninja, hip hop negas, finnessers, goddesspreneurs, live raw foodist…from the 40’s of East Flatbush Brooklyn New York, all the way to Strong Island New York.

The plant based nutritionist, founder of the Carbon 6, known to every existing life form as the universal DFFRNTWRLD® tribe.



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