Made In Japan – AP Bowl [Hand Made]


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This design came to us out of necessity. The initial ethos was to consider container waste reduction while creating a culturally relevant multi-use piece that’s highly functional. This is a lifestyle piece that will only get better with each use.

Herbal tea plays a big part in DFFRNTWRLD® culture, it’s pleasant to consume tea or water from a blessed vessel. The underside of our bowls have a sacred positive energy talisman and spiral design that charges up whatever is in the bowl. These symbols rearrange the molecular structure of what’s in the bowl and program them for optimal well being.

The intimate setting of the tea room, which is usually only large enough to accommodate four or five people, is modeled on a hermit’s hut. In this space, often surrounded by a garden, the participants temporarily withdraw from the mundane world.

When presented with a bowl of tea, a guest should notice and reflect upon the warmth of the bowl and the color of the tea against the clay before he/she begins to drink. The ceramics used in this context—tea bowls, water bowls, soup bowls, and so forth—are functional tools valued for their practicality as well as artworks admired for their aesthetic qualities. A key element in this practice is the host’s connoisseurship skills; the host acquires a collection of bowls that conform to a shared aesthetic standard and selects which bowls to use in a particular gathering.

Each time you use this bowl, you’re blessing up yourself.

2019 Global Production Schedule: Limited, only 1 piece produced. (due to hand and nature of this product, please expect 2 weeks minimum production time for your order)

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Amitabha (White/Pueblo Red), Brooklyn Red (dark), Pueblo Red (light), Earth Green