2020 Global Production Status – 11 pieces

Hyper Charging Star is one of DFFRNTWRLD’s Hyper Combos that can be used in self-defense of unwanted energy vampires.

This shirt charges positive energy full speed at your opponent like a shield, barraging the enemy with hits. This move can block negative energy projectiles and even neurological laser beams without losing power or speed. This move can be amplified for additional protection.

Designed and produced in North America

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Our USA-made t-shirts stop the cycle of wearing out shirts within weeks. At DFFRNTWRLD®, our t-shirts use 100 percent U.S.-grown cotton to create a shirt that’s durable, self-defense and bound to be your next favorite t-shirt. Once you put it on, you’ll find it’s too comfortable to take off.

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Color Variations

Burgundy, Forest Green, White

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Large, Medium, Small


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