Feck You, Pay Me!


2020 Global Production Status – 11 pieces

Our NWA-made t-shirts stop the cycle of wearing out shirts within weeks. At DFFRNTWRLD®, our t-shirts use 100 percent American-grown cotton to create a shirt that’s durable and bound to be your next favorite t-shirt. Once you put it on, you’ll find it’s too comfortable to take off.

Designed and produced in North America

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Them: I got something for you.

Us: Yeah? What do we gotta do?

Them: Gotta unload a boat. Alkaline products. 25 Tons. You get $500 each.

Us: You gotta be kidding.

Them: ?

Us: $500…? Who do you think we are, baggage handlers? The going rate on a boat is $1000 a night man, jou know that.

Them: First you gotta work your way up to $500 que digo.

Us: Oh yea,  what I did for you in Freedom town? What was that? That Rebenga hit was a game of dominoes or what?

Them: What’s with this dishwasher, chico? Don’t he think we could’ve got another space cadet to hit Rebenga cheaper too? $50 bucks!

Us: Then why didn’t you meng? & Don’t call me no fecking dishwasher, or I’ll kick your monkey ass.

Them: Okay, okay all right, big man! You want to make some big bucks?! Let’s see how tough you are. You know something about alkaline healing? Dija me!

Us: What you kidding me or what?

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