Limited Edition, Made in America, Rare T-shirt

DFFRNTWRLD® Chronological Discoveries [Long]


This comfortable and heavyweight American made long sleeve tee will become your favorite as soon as you put it on. Cut just right for the perfect fit and made from American quality cotton fabric.

  • 100% American Cotton heavyweight jersey.
  • 7.2 oz cotton
  • Two-needle stitching at armhole, neck, and hem.
  • Seamless technology, also known as Tubular knit fabric, means no side seams.

2020 Global Production Status – Only 11 pieces made worldwide.

Designed and produced in North America




According to the DFFRNTWRLD® life principals, there exists three forms of travel, physical, mental, and spiritual. Each of these types can be associated with a certain harmonic, in other words, physical = 72000; mental = 108000 and spiritual = 144000. However, when dealing with the physical aspect, then all the 3 harmonics must be used, but as far as projecting through time is concerned, then only the mental or the spiritual harmonics are taken into account.

So basically the reason for writing this report, is to show people how to make use of all 3 harmonics., (ie for the purpose of accomplishing time travel).  It should also be added, that these devices cannot be used for destructive purposes. If any attempts are made in this direction, (especially after constructing one of these units) nothing will happen. Therefore one’s actions must be in accordance with the creator’s will, and if they’re not, then, you better be careful!


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