DFFRNTWRLD® OG Talisman Pack #1


These OG talismans(with adhesive backing stick to any dry surface) are used to bless up personal belongings of high value, and mark your tribal territory. The sacred DFFRNTWRLD® symbol holds magical properties that bring good luck to the possessor or protect the possessor from evil or harm.

Talisman Type:

  1. DFFRNTWRLD® OG Talisman
  2. DFFRNTWRLD® OG Venice Beach Talisman

Great for laptops, skateboards, bodyboards, surfboards, meditation alters, bikes, bank safes etc. The talisman symbol will transfer the energy of PEACE – LOVE – OVERSTANDING to whatever it is placed on. OG talisman pack comes complete with six 3 in. adhesive talismans, 3 of each type are included per pack.

Made in America.

2020 Global Production Status(GPS): Only 1oo talisman adhesives produced worldwide.



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