Hyper Stars & Stripes!


Hyper Stars & Stripes is one of the DFFRNTWRLD® Hyper Combos. If physically threatened, tribesman do 3 uppercuts of increasing size and power using their energy force shield. This attack has startup invincibility.

2019 Global Production Status – Only 11 made worldwide.

Designed and produced in North America

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Stars & Stripes!

Bless yourself up and represent the flag of the future.


This flag repels negative energy conduits and attracts wisdom seekers.

Hyper combo finish…

Our USA-made t-shirts stop the cycle of wearing out shirts within weeks. At DFFRNTWRLD®, our t-shirts use 100 percent U.S.-grown cotton to create a shirt that’s durable, long-lasting and bound to be your next favorite t-shirt.


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Color Variations

Black, Forest Green, Grey

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Large, Medium