What Exactly Does DffrntWrld Do?

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It’s no secret that we’ve been on the move, taking meetings with any and everybody that is working on something cool and interesting in DC, LA, and NY. The overall feedback has been spectacular. But there has been one recurring question that we’ve encountered in almost every meeting.  What exactly is it you do?”

The short answer is that we specialize in modern branding, strategic planning, and innovative problem solving for businesses. But the reality is that we do so much more. In an effort to explain exactly what we do I thought I’d take a few minutes and offer an in-depth explanation of the philosophy behind our core competencies. This is going to be a more philosophical approach so strap in and prepare for depth, not width.
Let’s start with a key aspect, self-awareness. I consider myself a serial expressionist. This is definitely  more of a Millennial trait. But once we work through it, it should be simple and easy to understand. Growing up I had an unparalleled access to different sources of information. The internet was amazing! One week I would be interested in photography, the next digging deep into psychological texts by Jung and Maslow. Always bouncing from one topic to the next. Absorbing as much information as possible. This is what our schools encouraged. Leaving the ceramics studio for Spanish class. Spanish class to philosophy and classic literature. Dissociative in nature, I switched between these so fluently that it became normal. This diversity led to the ability to communicate in multiple lanes of self-expression. While the topics were separate, they united through creativity in problem-solving situations. I was taught to pull from a broader spectrum and multiple sources of information. This does not, however, make me a Jack of all trades. Why Not?
Because I stay in my lane!

Well, lanes to be more correct. I have multiple strengths but the most important one is knowing which lane, which vehicle, and when to even travel. That means you have to know the map and the terrain. You wouldn’t drive a  Lamborghini Countach through the rain forest. No, you need a Jeep! The Lamborghini is a curated experience built for speed and luxury. On the Autobahn, yes. Surrounded by dense vegetation, swamps, and treacherous terrain you better have the knowledge to pick the jeep and also to not even travel if its the rainy season. It’s Its a little abstract but don’t discount the metaphor. The market understands that you have to double down on your strengths. But generally limit it to one skill, maybe an additional complimentary skill. A major and a minor in the classical sense. Categorizing those that dabble in multiple realms as hobbyists or a Jack of all trades. But what about a third category? One for the people who were captivated by contrasting fields. The Leonardo da Vinci type who’s interests varied and they somehow created a connecting point at a strange junction, distilling what they learned into one solid strategy to gain command over multiple “lanes.” You see, each strength equates to a different lane that you can utilize, also to the best vehicle (strategy) to reach your desired goal. Which ultimately means more options. When presented with a problem you simply have more ways to approach it.
 I’ve witnessed this in a lot of my Millennial peers. When presented with a problem, they rifle through ideas. Growing more abstract as they access deeper knowledge, connect it with something unusual and create something totally new.  On a comparative advantage level, this may be a major asset for Millennial’s. We attain both depth and width. Not because were better, just because we had more access to information and that’s how the brain works. neurons-firing-oI think this is where the confusion occurs. Without seeing how the categories are connected in our neural brain-scape it’s hard to picture. Typically, the firm that creates your website wouldn’t help you with interior design. Normally, you wouldn’t expect your branding firm to have any valuable input on your chefs menu. They would stick solely to designing and implementing the identity system (ie. stay in lane). So Yes, our methods at DffrntWrld are not typical. Definitely odd. But our goal is simple. To help you solve the problems your business faces so that you can grow. To be honest, I probably don’t know how yet. But there’s always a creative solution when you blur the lines and look at things a little bit dffrnt.
So What does DffrntWrld do?
Were serial expressionist operating in multiple lanes powered by creativity. We specialize in modern branding, advertising, and strategic planning and we will help you grow your business. If you’re still curious call us direct, email us, tweet us. We definitely took the long route to get here. But the journey is always most important. I hope this helps those of you who didn’t quite get us and the services we provide. If not, maybe it’s just a millennial thing…
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