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Jay-Z Freestyle: Nipsey Hussle Tribute Verse

The godfather Hov came proper with his Nipsey Hussle tribute freestyle during his B-sides concert. In addition to dropping game, we get to see how Jay-Z looked up to Nipsey as his equal and honored him as a King! Enjoy this and take action if you feel inspired.

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The Future of the Cannabis Industry | Interview With DOPE Magazine

Hip somebody to this now:FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinMailIt’s obvious the cannabis industry is headed into a huge consumer user space. How deeply is the cannabis stigma embedded within the minds of baby boomers and how will this slow growth? The cannabis industry is ahead of every other industry because it’s rooted in youth and innovation. Look at some […]

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The Business Of Hype, Or Nah?

Hip somebody to this now:FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinMailNothing much has changed since the late 80’s and 90’s…attention is still king in the game of sales. When I say “sales”, don’t be alarmed, to some people that word sends off red flags. When you think about it, everything involves sales because we all make a decision to consume products […]

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