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 I see a lot of cool things online but some of them don’t exactly fit the content schedule. Hence, the installation of 5 Bullet Friday where I show you 5 things that I think are f*cking awesome.


Lighting Tips: That National Geographic Style

National Geographic photographers are known for capturing stunning pictures that spark curiosity and fuel discovery. They tend to have a certain style that clearly sets them apart from other publications and today you will learn about a few of the lighting secrets they use to achieve such notoriety.  


How to Implement a Content Management System

How do you manage the ideation, creation, and distribution of your content? Who’s in charge of keeping the messaging on-brand and checking the analytics?


Pitching To Executives And VP’S

If you’re pitching up the chain of command you will eventually reach the C-suite. This is where the executives and VP’s will be waiting. But in order to win their business, you will have to come correct.


Tai Lopez: How To Be A Power Player

When the masterminds of Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone teamed up for an interview recently I was pretty excited. You see, they both come from different industries and have completely opposite philosophies on life. Yet, they both were able to gain a high level of success.


Business Boost: Everything Alive Gives Back

After leaving a meeting w/ DC business mogul Furard Tate, he drops an unexpected gem that all can benefit from.


Gary Vaynerchuk: Everything You Do Is Sales

In this keynote, Gary Vaynerchuk focuses on the importance of adapting to new tech and social platforms to get your story out and increase sales.


Brian Tracy: 5 Consumer Needs

People buy a product because of you, as a salesman, convincing them that it solves and fulfills their needs. But to do this, you must first identify a consumers core needs. Brian Tracy believes these are the most pressing consumer needs to pay attention to during the sales process.


Osho: Transmission of a Trigger Point

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“There are millions of people in the world who are just on the borderline. A little push or a little pull and they will have crossed the line.” -Osho


Best of The Best Motivational Advice

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Life is chaos and it takes an extreme amount of effort to bring order to it. But motivational videos like this give interesting perspectives and loads of actionable advice on how you can level up.

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