In 2023 AI Might Replace You Soon!

I mean hopefully this isn’t the case but there is some speculation.

Here are some of the interesting vegan content building applications you can already do with ChatGPT for FREE.

Note that companies still pay people for these tasks…

  • You can use it to generate long-form articles through prompts like “give me a 400-word article on vegan mock meats”
  • You can use it to generate Facebook Ad Copy through prompts like “give me a facebook copy for my vegan clothing brand”
  • You can use it to generate emails and follow-up sequences through prompts like “give me a sales email and some follow-ups for my vegan coaching service targeting first time vegans”
  • You can use it to generate eco friendly brand names through prompts like “give a few catchy names for a company selling ethically upcycled fabric in California”
  • You can even use it to generate entire LinkedIn threads through prompts like “give a viral Twitter thread on why veganism is important to climate change”

This is all just the beginning.

GPT 4 is coming out soon and I am quite interested in seeing what it’s capable of.

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