🚀 Unveiling the Top Barriers to Plant-Based Meat Adoption! 🌱

A recent survey by Dig Insights, in collaboration with the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association, highlights key barriers to plant-based meat adoption in the US:

📉 Barrier #1: Health Perception: Only 29% see plant-based meats as healthier. Better education on nutritional benefits is needed. 🥦

🍔 Barrier #2: Taste and Texture: Taste and texture remain significant hurdles. Efforts to provide free samples and restaurant promotions can help. 🌟

🏪 Barrier #3: Visibility: 47% find plant-based products hard to locate in stores. Improved placement and clearer labeling are essential. 🛒

Other Barriers Include: 🔍 Price: Consumers often perceive plant-based options as expensive. 🔍 Ingredient Transparency: Concerns about unfamiliar ingredients hinder trust.

This is a pivotal moment to transform consumer perceptions and expand the market! 🌱✨

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