Seth Godin: Creating Scarcity

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Nothing motivates a consumer more like a sense of scarcity. But there are a few essential steps to navigate before you dive into creating scarcity. The first is honesty.


Cardone Zone: How To Network & Boost Your Networth

You have to commit to building your network. The occasional networking event won’t cut it because you don’t need to know everybody. The key is to be targeted and prepared. That way, when you work your way to into the perfect room you’ll be ready.


Aaron Draplin DDC: Straight Talking Graphic Design

Aaron Draplin is a favorite with the DW team. His work is perfectly timeless and he has a great eye for design. In this interview, he dives into the reality of running an agency and what graphic design means to him.


2018 State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum

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In this Forum, the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative highlights key research findings from its third annual Survey of U.S. Latino Business Owners. It offers a wealth of knowledge that any entrepreneur will easily benefit from.



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I see a lot of cool things online but some of them don’t exactly fit the content schedule. Hence, the installation of 5 Bullet Friday where I show you 5 things that I think are f*cking awesome.


How to Jump-Start Your Sales Cadence

Is your sales cadence keeping your pipeline full of promising prospects? Or does your cadence leave you struggling to find the next lead?


Robert Cialdini: The First Rule of Selling

The easiest way to persuade a prospect to buy is to introduce the idea of a potential loss. This is more psychologically threatening and powerful than any pitch based on the gain. This is the first rule of selling. Use it wisely.


Making First and Lasting Impressions

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If they don’t know you they cant buy from you. If they don’t remember you, you will never build a strong client base. So it starts and ends with you and the impressions you make on them. Will you be memorable? Or just another face in the crowd?


Jim Rohn: Why Keep Your Goals A Secret

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Heres a simple formula for setting goals. I hope it’s as helpful to you as it was to me.


Low Budget No Budget – Get Active!

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