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I see a lot of cool things online but some of them don’t exactly fit the content schedule. Hence, the installation of 5 Bullet Friday where I show you 5 things that I think are f*cking awesome.


Gary Halbert: Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar

This direct marketing seminar featuring Gary Halbert is a super throwback but the info is still relevant. His main message is that you don’t sell what people need, you sell them what they want.


Business Boost Podcast: Do The Wealthy Work Hard?

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Young Hustlers: How to Ask Great Questions

If you’re not getting the right information, it’s because you aren’t asking the right questions. It’s that simple.


How to Create Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat Geofilters are everywhere. They are a great way to generate exposure and attention to your business. And the best part is, you can build one in about 15 minutes.


Daily Creative: Dabbling Gets You NOWHERE

Daily Creative is where Chase Jarvis answers viewer questions. You ask it and he will answer. Today’s question covers how to make the jump from dabbling to going all in on your business and why patience is essential.


Attract The Energy You Want: Business, Career, Relationships

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While taking a morning walk BG reflects on what it takes to surround yourself with positive energy. The energy you give off is often times the energy you attract…how does this affect your business, career, and overall lifestyle?


Science of Storytelling: The Neural Story Net

Our brains are hardwired to think in “story” terms. This impacts how we consume information and communicate. It’s the Neural Story Net that’s running the show and if you can’t finesse it, your stories will be lacking.


Vanessa Van Edwards: The Science of Succeeding with People

Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert in the science of people. She studies how we interact, what gets our attention and our overall behavior. In this Google Talk, she introduces her new book Captivate and breaks down some of her latest findings on succeeding with people.


Glen Svensson: Cultivating Mindfulness & Emotional Balance

Mindfulness has gone mainstream. So it’s important to go back to the roots and separate the ancient teachings from the current movement. Glen Svensson recently covered this topic at the Yeshe Norbu group in Stockholm and had a few interesting points.

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