Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

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With a soundtrack by RZA and starring Forrest Whitaker “Ghost Dog” is a movie I have been dying to see. The juxtaposition of the bushido complex plays well against the urban cityscape making for an interestingly complex watch. The way of the Samurai is not an easy path but Ghost Dog knows no other way.


Momofuku Chef Loves The Impossible Meat-Free Burger

When I first told you about the Impossible Foods meat-free burger, I thought we were at least 6 months away from seeing it featured in a restaurant.  So I’m pleasantly surprised to see this new video by Munchies.


Only The Tribe Gets it

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We provide a lot of free content in hopes that it will diversify your knowledge and give you the tools every modern entrepreneur needs to succeed. But, we save the best information and strategic tips for our subscribing tribe members. There is an immense value in becoming a member and it’s so easy.


Scott Galloway: Death of the Industrial Advertising Complex

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Is advertising dead? Dead may be an overstatement, I would suggest evolving. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, one thing is clear, the advertising game is changing. Luckily, Scott Galloway, a clinical professor of marketing at NYU has a few predictions that should help you to get a better understanding of the current


Oprah Winfrey: Career, Life and Leadership

In the entrepreneurial world, there’s not too many names bigger than Oprah. Her story is inspiring and her influence is immeasurable.  This is an older interview but I found it enriching and extremely enlightening. Watching this is the first step to making that Oprah money. 


Is Business Really War?

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I have made the comparison myself. So I first must admit my guilt before I present the flaws in this logic. Business can be war-like. The strategy, the competition, the victory, Its all glorious. At least it is on the outset.


The AWSM Body language Method

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Body language has always been an interesting concept to me. I’ve read books, watched interviews, and spent hours analyzing real-life body language but nothing can beat the AWSM method.


Coltrane Curtis: The Key to Winning Influence

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How do you scale influence? That’s the key question in this interview. As a business owner, a great strategy for increasing sales and overall reach is to capitalize on social media by utilizing influencers. But how do you do it? Coltrane Curtis of Team Epiphany has the answer…


SlossTech 2016: Alabama Fireside Chat Keynote W/ Gary Vaynerchuk

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In a weekend that guaranteed thought-provoking presentations and workshops with the latest in creative thinking, Gary Vaynerchuk stole the show. Preaching his gospel of hard work coupled with emotional intelligence this keynote is one you definitely don’t want to miss… especially the Q&A session.


Learned Optimism – How to Change Your Mind Full Audiobook

“Known as the father of the new science of positive psychology, Martin E.P. Seligman draws on more than twenty years of clinical research to demonstrate how optimism enhances the quality of life, and how anyone can learn to practice it.”

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