Lunchtime Inspiration: Chronicle of Pale Cherry Blossoms

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Also known as Samurai Vendetta (1959), This classic Samurai movie is a depiction of the early years of Samurai Horibe Yasubei, who was one of the “Forty-seven Ronin”. There’s always good lessons to learn from Samurai Culture. Also, keep a close eye on the framing, composition, and movement in each scene.


10 Ways to 10X Your business: #3 Be a Practitioner

 I love nuanced analyses. And this definitely falls under that category. A lot of professionals aren’t practitioners.  The two categories are correlated but there is no causation. This is surprising because you would expect your social media manager (who is a professional) to be a practitioner. But often times they aren’t.


#Clothtalk with Michael Karnjanaprakorn, CEO of Skillshare

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Skillshare is a disruptive technology interrupting the classic school system. Enabling you to learn exactly what you want to learn, this is a great way pick up a new skill.


10 Ways to 10X Your Business: #2 Double/Triple down on what works

This one is simple but requires diligent work and focus. It’s easy to get confused by habits that are ineffective. They become part of your daily regiment and without critical analysis “the chains of habit are too light to be felt, until they are too heavy to be broken.” You can instead use this habit momentum


10 ways to 10X your Business: #1 Learn to Close

Everyone doesn’t need to be a salesman. But everybody should at least know how to pitch and close a deal. Oren Klaff, writer of “Pitch Anything” created a wonderful strategy based on his experience of closing multi-million dollar deals. His approach is divergent and based more on human psychology than classic business sense.


Vantablack is the new Black

Intellectual property is always a touchy issue with creatives. We want to ensure that our ideas aren’t manipulated or outright stolen. So we tend to be overly sensitive. But this mentality is however directed solely towards the end product. Not the tools or medium we used to create it. So this Vantablack craziness caught my


Can Google Make the Web Great Again?

Smartphone usage is up 394%. Tablet usage is up 1,721%. Mobile platforms now combine to account for 60 percent of digital media time spent. So what’s the next step in mobile web surfing? Google says speed, and it’s AMP program is focused solely on accelerating your mobile web experience. But how does this affect you?


Dont Let your Brand Get Donald Drumpf’d

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Entropy; the gradual decline into disorder, the opposite of growth. It’s a natural process we can’t physically escape. But it can be mitigated, at least, when it comes to your brand. Whether its personal or a business brand you are at risk of entropy. A dreadfully slow embarrassing, death. Case in point, Donald Trump…


Enjoying The Process: Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero Talk Music & Skate Culture

Skateboarding teaches many things. The most important is that when you fall down you get back up and try again. Ray and Tommy take this a step further and describe their process of creating music and why the skate community was so important to their success.


How to Elicit the Right Emotion to Drive Consumer Action

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Consumers live in the emotion of the moment. Facilitate an emotional response and you can position yourself favorably. This infographic breaks down this theory and will help you elicit the right response.

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