Don’t Be a #StonerSloth: Australian Government Promotes Teen Marijuana Use

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Advertising is inherently influential. The goal is to influence the viewer or reader to ultimately take an action. However, the message intended is not always the message received.  The “Stoner Sloth” campaign by Australia’s New South Wales government is the perfect example. While the intention was to shame pot smoking teens in hopes of reducing smoking and “encourage positive behaviors in young people before bad habits start.” The Stoner sloth, oddly enough, promoted it via highly relatable situations. Not only was this a total fail by the Australian government, but it highlights the exponentially growing gap in communication. Baby Boomers are communicating with Millennials, Generation X with Generation Z. The intended message was not received. Key nuances are lost in translation. How can this be avoided? Specific and highly targeted communication, by some one who speaks the “language” of the demographic you want to reach. If you want to communicate with Millennials, find an actual Millennial. Tony Robbins said it best, “if you want to improve your live, improve your communications.” As far as “Stoner Sloth” goes its an interesting anomaly. The people have claimed it and are creating an entirely new pro-sloth movement. There’s t-shirts and the hashtag #StonerSloth and #PassThesalt are trending. Check out the full campaign below. What would you have done different?

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