Humanizing the Online Experience

Navigating the Customer Experience is a podcast I just discovered. Hosted by Yanique Grant, the show features industry experts discussing what people really want and how businesses can understand the psychology of each customer they engage with.


Tony Robbins: How To Raise Your Standards

The only way to create lasting change is to raise your standards.


Carl Jung: Synchronicity

“It may prove to be that psyche and matter are actually the same phenomenon. One observed from within and the other from without.” – Carl Jung



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I see a lot of cool things online but some of them don’t exactly fit the content schedule. Hence, the installation of 5 Bullet Friday where I show you 5 things that I think are f*cking awesome.


Jeff Bezos: Thinking For The Long Term

Jeff Bezos is the master of thinking for the long term. He plants seeds and lets them naturally mature. A key skill all entrepreneurs, especially millennials should learn.


Technology & Company Culture: Fireside with Patagonia and DaVita

Company culture is easy to manage when you’re small. You send a text or make a quick call and everybody is aligned. But when the team grows you need to be more strategic about how you protect your company culture.


Create Influential Personal Branding

We all have a personal brand. But chances are we focus primarily on our business brand. Leaving you without any personal influence in key markets unless you act directly through the business. Strong personal branding is how you 10X your results and find new opportunities.


Dan Mall: Apprenticeship not Internship

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With Summer just around the corner, some of you may be thinking about bringing on some interns. Free labor is always good. But think about how you can provide more value to your intern instead of giving them the classic “intern experience.” Offer them an apprenticeship that they can grow into. 


Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Rework is the perfect playbook for anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing it on their own. It’s packed with actionable advice that you can apply to your business today. 


Magic Johnson on Entrepreneurship

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You can live through anything if Magic made it… But the reality is Magic Johnson is an incredible entrepreneur and a skilled businessman. And in this interview, he drops gems about life, the importance of education, competition, and hard work.

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