Build Your Own Brand Retreat [LIVE COVERAGE]

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I’ll be reporting live this weekend alongside over 1000+ diverse founders, leaders, creatives, mentors, brands, athletes & entrepreneurs. Join us for our official livestream of the event. We’ve been guaranteed a weekend full of personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development. “This weekend is meant to be all-in-one experience to grow your network, gain clarity on your


The Century of The Self [VIDEO]

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This documentary comes to you per Kanye’s recommendation. I’ve watched through it at 2x speed and must say, there are MANY gems woven into the storyline. Extract what’s of value to you and use it to your greatest but ethical benefit. Self awareness is something we all could strive to give more energy towards.


The Note: Zaytoven [Short Documentary]

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Hip-Hop’s profile has never been bigger, and the rugged trap music of Atlanta has transcended the genre to influence mainstream popular music and culture. As a new generation of talent pushes the music’s popularity to new heights, Zaytoven cements his status as one of modern Hip-Hop’s most impactful and prolific producers. Zaytoven’s studio in his


The 33 Strategies of War (Animated Video) Part 1

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Business…war…what’s the difference? Oh that’s right, the rules! Learn the rules to play the game.


Czarface and MF Doom – Czarface Meets Metal Face [Full Album]

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Had to hit you all off with a little music I’m getting work done to right now. Enjoy!


🔴 Learn How To Launch A Clothing Brand w/ Johnny Cupcakes

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REVOLT TV New Rules – Expert Interview by Kylie Simmons

Our Expert Interview with Kylie Simmons is LIVE on the REVOLT TV New Rules website! Below is the link to the article. If you decide to share the article, please make sure to tag REVOLT TV on all social media platforms.


Paul Ford: Finding Inspiration in Procrastination

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No matter how hard we fight it, procrastination is a key part of the creative process. It’s the downtime between brainstorming when the good ideas emerge. It’s a complicated relationship at best. But maybe Paul Ford says it best, “When you need to do a thing, everything you do is about the thing you’re not


The Amazon Effect: What Brands Should Do in 2018

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Now that the dust has cleared we can see the overall effect that Amazon has on brands across the board. They didn’t just buy Whole Foods, they disrupted the market.


Elon Musk: Q&A @ SXSW 2018

Elon Musk doesn’t know everything. But he does know about entrepreneurship, space travel, artificial intelligence, electric cars, solar energy and much more. In this interview at SXSW, he answers questions on it all. Giving you the insight only a real-life Tony Stark can provide. 

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