5 Quick Tips on Pitching to Investors

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Your first pitch to a potential investor is undoubtedly nerve racking. It’s something totally new, so naturally you are going to be a little nervous. Like a shark, picking up the scent of blood, a seasoned investor will see this from the start. So here’s 5 tips to help you ace your first pitch…


10 WAYS TO 10X YOUR BUSINESS: #7 Create a process

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The Bagavad Gita states that “You have the right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action.” Meaning that we are only guaranteed our “duty.” This is the importance of having a process. The fruit of our labor is never guaranteed, only the process is.


Power and consumer behavior: How power shapes who and what consumers value

There’s is no better way to stay current and keep your strategy up to date then by reading scholarly journals. Today’s selection covers the role that power plays in valuation by consumers. It’s a heavy dose of consumer psychology, so it may be best to break this down into two or three sessions.


Eckhart Tolle: Laughter Breaks Through the Ego

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Start your week off with total awareness and witness yourself kicking major ass this week as you unleash a mass of productive energy. If you want to double down play the 528 Hz Third Eye Activation meditation in the background.


Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | ICON 2016

Gary V. once again with some solid perspective altering info. Speaking about Hustle and Grit, this is sure to pump you up and have you finishing the day off strong.


10 WAYS TO 10X YOUR BUSINESS: #6 Do Your Research

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You don’t need to read every book. But you do need to read every book that has information that will move you towards your ultimate goal in your specific domain. This should be a no-brainer. Reading is fundamental.  But surprisingly the average American reads less than 12 books per year.


Yeethoven: Performed Live by the Young Musicians Foundation

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I’ve been digging classical music lately. It’s been adding an interesting aspect to somewhat mundane tasks. It makes them feel more colossal, something of epic proportion. This is what I’m listening to today…


Curren$y – Smoking In The Rain [VIDEO]

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10 Ways To 10X your Business: #5 Experiment More

Scientific experimentation is the basis of every major technological breakthrough. But when I say “scientific,” I’m speaking more to the scientific method than the actual laboratory setting. Experiments aren’t confined to the lab, they should be a significant part of your business strategy and personal life as well.


Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s Dead People Lyrics + Video

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What is it about trap music that makes it so infectious, even addicting almost? Is it the clever word play, double entendres, or hard hitting beats that get you in that work mode? Either way you slice it, trap has taking the world by storm, and now has officially taken over the work place! That’s

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