From The Akashic: Whole Brain Creativity from Expressive Frontier TV

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Energy can neither be destroyed or created, this is a universal law that remains unbroken. Before there was DffrntWrld, there was Expressive Frontier. Originally a lifestyle blog, EFlifestyle evolved into what is currently DffrntWrld. These are our roots. Here’s a sample of the programming we were on circa 2010.


“Away Days,” [Preview] Adidas first full-length skate video

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adidas Skateboarding has an interesting place in my heart. I’ve never actually skated adidas shoes, but I do like some of the silhouettes and wouldn’t mind trying them out one day. I’m a big Vans guy, so my perspective is a little biased. However, with this first look at “Away Days,” the brand’s first full-length feature


Your Mind and How to Use It

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Part of our work as a creative agency is overstand how the mind works and what compels people to take action. Whether voluntary or involuntary, the mind acts in ways we may not yet comprehend. This audio book by William Walker Atkinson offers the listener a manual for practical use of the mind and how to


Tai Lopez @ the Life on Fire Conference

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Key Takeaways: Experiment more- Try new things and accurately track the results. You never know what will work until you try it. The added level of analysis will maximize the learning oppurtunity. Assess your habits- “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”


Communicate in the Year You Live: Gary Vaynerchuk Vistage Keynote 2015

Gary V. once again comes through with a highly informational video. Taken from a recent Keynote speech, the main premise is that an overwhelming majority of people are communicating not with the tools of 2016 but with outdated methods of yesteryear.


The Only Good Reason to Join Snapchat: “For that 9 Seconds, You Have to Pay Attention”

Released in 2011, my first introduction to Snapchat came early in 2012. As a senior in college, I was in the pocket of the Snapchat market segmentation. But it confused me. What was the point of using it when the picture or video disappears?

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