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We are an agency of creatives. Lets work together.

We are DFFRNTWRLD® Creative Agency, experts in modern branding, product innovation, strategy, and design for global brands, local companies, start-ups, and non-profits.
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Creative Consultation

We meet with you to explore and identify your goals and needs. This brainstorm session helps us identify specific project necessities as we collaboratively generate ideas.

Strategy Discovery

Next, we will work together to plan our approach. This means defining the scope of the project, formalizing the deliverables and time-line, then arriving on an overall tone and style for the work.


This is the fun part, when we let them have it. Based on any documents, work, and agreements made during the strategy discovery, we move into production.

Your brand is unique, with a one-of-a-kind story to tell. We’ll help you figure out the best way to tell it.

Brand Strategy

Strategic planning is where branding begins. Business is a game of chess. Before we develop that cool ad or create that viral video, we brainstorm and analyze your brand, its assets, its history and its culture. We look at your audience with a Tricorder, checking their vitals and reading their minds. Then we research the competitive landscape. We put all the data in a Pyrex® and whip vigorously. The result: an authentic, dynamic, brand positioning.


Art direction consulting for the visual style elements of any project; images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, pop-up shop concepts and music festival productions. Project management of process and activity planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific business goals.

Brand Identity

We do not design logos at DFFRNTWRLD®. We design total brand identity systems. From the basic logo design to the brand palette to the brand architecture and final migration. Every brand identity system we launch is based on thorough strategic planning. Every corporate brand identity we develop understands who the target is and what the competition is up to. We do not pick up a pencil until we immerse ourselves in your brand.


|| Content || Custom Illustration, Document Design, Posters, e-Books, Social Media || Product || Artist Merchandise, Clothing Labels, Packaging Design, Promotional Items || Experience || Location Planning, Entertainment Planning, Interior Design, Culinary Design, Branded Mementos


To compete in the online playing field, visual representation has become essential. We have developed artist interviews, product commercials, culinary reviews, documentaries and more. Our viral video credentials run one million views deep and we are resourceful in stretching your dollar. We develop the scripts, cast the talent and supervise the video shoots, editing, etc. Find out how our video finesse can increase your ROI, raise your profile and make your brand pop.

Partnership Development

We discover amazing opportunities for our clients and never hesitate to connect the right dots. In the creative industry, good contacts are essential. Our clients benefit from our ability to connect the right people or businesses and make a deal happen. We pitch and broker partnership deals for creative talent, businesses and non-profits.
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We provide a complete list of the best digital services.

Need something specific for your next project? We would love to help, contact us today with your inquiry.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

Web Design

Having a web presence on the internet is common practice these days. We will design a site that meets your business needs and ultimately generates sales.

Logo Design

A key element of any brand is a logo mark that represents the visual identity of the business. We begin with a pencil sketch of your logo idea then gradually enhance to perfection.


Our designers are skilled artists, capable of making any idea come to life. From posters to canvas paintings and comics, we got you covered.


Not everyone can start what they finish. Do you have the beginning of a great idea? Let us help you develop your idea into a revenue earning business model.


Our photographers have a culturally diverse visual perspective. Our experience guarantees we get the shot you need.


Knowing who to sell your product/service to is important. With a little help from our research department, you will be able to aggressively target your desired consumer.

Art Direction

Let us be responsible for the visual style and imagery in your magazine , product packaging, or video and television productions. We have an excellent eye for visual presentation.
Green Consulting.

for cannabis, medical marijuana & hydroponic ventures

Cannabis Branding

Distasteful marketing will never survive the continued legalization and mainstreaming of the marijuana industry. Our mission is to rebrand cannabis and debunk myths and stereotypes associated with the plant. Only the more tasteful brands of cannabis will flourish.


Until nationwide marijuana legalization is a reality, there will be a fierce competition among marijuana companies to establish themselves as the trusted brands in a chaotic and evolving market. Our advertising campaigns are sure to set you apart and communicate added value.

Product Packaging

As the legal cannabis industry becomes a normal part of life in Washington DC, packaging has emerged as both a safety issue and one of the few ways brands can distinguish themselves from competitors. The right packaging will attract mature and professionally established users.

Product Development

The marketing of marijuana will require such enhancements as luxury shopping experience and slick packaging, as most marijuana consumers still think of cannabis mostly as a fungible commodity, like apples-the-fruit, not Apple-the-computer. We can develop your products to reach your target customer.

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Our Tribe

Our creative tribe is made up of several key members, starting with the creative director, and including copywriters, editors, graphic artists, and web developers. In short, we come up with game changing branding ideas and bring them to life.


I like to surf, skate, explore uncharted lands, eat delicious plant-based food and create awesome work for my clients.
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As creative assistant I make sure our tribe stays connected to the right people. If you would like to work with us, please contact me directly.
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A philosopher of sorts, I consider myself an adventurer for hire.
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